Insight Genesis Challenge

Australia and New Zealand Pro Staff Challenge

Map your own Success

    To enter:
  • 1. Go Fishing
  • 2. Record your sonar logs
  • 3. Upload you logs to the GoFree cloud.


2016 Overall Winner:: TBD

March 2016 Winner: Danny Sunkel

April 2016 Winner: Mark Watson

May 2016 Winner: Nabeel Issa

June 2016 Winner: Barry Oxford

Challenge Sessions

First session: January
Second session: February
Third session: March
Fourth session: April
Fifth session: May
Sixth session: June
Seventh session: July
Eighth session: August
Ninth session: September
Tenth session: October
Eleventh session: November
Twelfth session: December

Introduction Video

Contest Rules & Prizes

  • All entrants are eligible to win the monthly prize only once during the competition.
  • In order to participate to the Insight Genesis Challenge, you will need to be a resident of Australia or New Zealand.
  • Sonar logs cannot be submitted twice. Multiple, duplicate entries can be grounds for dismissal from the Insight Genesis Challenge.
  • 1 monthly 1st prize offered to the user that records and uploads the highest acres.
  • In case of a tie, the tie will be broken based upon the best coverage in the determination of the judges.
  • Navico reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

Competition Rules

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2017 Standings

  1. Troy Dando
  2. Barry Oxford
  3. steve shortt
  4. Peter Jenkins
  5. Danny Sunkel
  6. Greg Quinn
  7. Anthony Goulding
  8. Ian Sewell
  9. Paul Davidson
  10. Brad Hodges

February Standings

  1. Ian Sewell
  2. Peter Jenkins
  3. Geoff Fisher